Frequently Questions

Below are the most common questions about our Progressive Lenses and Frames:

What information do I need to give the doctor at

      • 1 Print this page at 100% size (No Scaling) Download this file and open it in Adobe Reader. Print using the following scale settings: Windows: Set scale to “None” or at 100% MAC: Set page scaling to “None”
      • 2 Fold the PD ruler Fold the PD ruler below along the dotted lines. Use the appropriate side depending on if you are using the mirror or a friend.
      • 3 Line up the ruler’s zero Place the ruler just above your eyes and line up the zero of the ruler with the center of your left pupil.
      • 4 Measure your PD Without moving you head or the ruler, mark the ruler where it lines up with the center of your right pupil. This number is your PD.
      • 5 Now you have your PD measurement use this information to fill out prescription information page. Also, to insure accuracy upload or text (845-702-3914) a screen shot of you holding the ruler level above your eyes like shown in the PD ruler photo.
      • 6 We need your doctor’s prescription. We need your doctor’s prescription. Also, the distance pupillary distance would be helpful but if you cannot get this from your doctor that is okay.

    You can obtain the same information by :

Download The PD Ruler Here

What is your pupillary distance or interpupillary distance?

It is the distance (in millimeters) between the centers of the pupils of the eyes.  This can be obtained 2 ways:

  1. Ask your eye doctor for it, can be shown on your prescription as well.
  2. Take a selfie looking directly into the camera with the back of a credit card held level below the eyes and text it to 845 702 3914, with your last name.


Download PD Ruler Printout Here

How often can I get my broken frame or scratched lenses replaced free of charge?

We replace each once within one year from the date of purchase. To receive a replacement you must mail them back to us at your own expense.   If they break or scratch twice we don’t replace them a second time.

How does shipping work?

Free shipping from us to you every time within the continental United States.  If you do not adapt to your progressive no line bifocals you do not need to ship them back to us.  Simply call or email us that you have tried them for ten days. Remember going back and forth between old glasses will make it harder to adapt to your new glasses.  At this point we will mail you free of charge a second pair of glasses but this pair will have a lined bifocal (same color and frame as your original order). To be clear you get to keep both pairs.  You only need to pay to ship to us if you want a one-time warranty replacement for a broken frame or scratched lenses within one year from date of purchase.

What if I don’t like how I see out of my new progressive no-line glasses?

Our progressive lenses were selected for ease of adaptation but not everyone who has tried progressive (no-line bifocals) have adapted to them.  First wear the glasses full-time for ten days without going back and forth between old glasses.  Adaptation can take up to ten days so you don’t want to give up too quickly.  After ten days of full-time wear if you do not feel you are seeing properly out of your lenses give us a call or email us.

We will replace them with a traditional lined bifocal called a flat top 28.  These replacement lenses have a visible line but in our experience people who do not adapt to the progressive no-line bifocals generally adapt quickly to the bifocal lenses with the line.  So you will actually have two pairs of glasses each being same frame and color.  The original pair of digital progressives (with no line) and a second pair of a traditional lined bifocal.

This way you will have a new pair you feel confident seeing out of.  You get to keep the original order, so when you feel like trying the original progressives (no line) again you have them.  Try them again when you have more time to spend on the ten-day adaptation period.   Now you have the best of both worlds.

We do not refund your money but are happy to send you a second pair of glasses with a lined bifocal.  To be clear about shipping anytime we ship to you it’s free. When you ship to us you are required to pay postage.  You will only need to ship to us when you are returning a broken frame or scratched lenses for replacement (one time only and within one year of date of purchase).  Otherwise, anything we ship to you is free of charge within continental United States.

What if I still can not see out of my replacement lined bifocals?

Well there might be a problem with the original prescription that you submitted to us. Please go back to a local doctor and have them perform another refraction/exam to verify prescription is correct and your eyes are not blurry for medical reasons such as cataracts, dry eye, or diabetes to name a few. Also have them re-measure your pupillary distance. If you submit to us a new prescription with pupillary distance within 2 months of your original purchase date we will give you a 50% discount on another pair of glasses with the same or different frame.

However, if you are unwilling to obtain a new refraction/exam/pupillary distance then mail/return both pairs of glasses to us (your expense) and we will refund the money you spent on your glasses minus a restocking fee of $79.