About Us

Just bifocals.com was born out of a need I see every day in my private optometric practice.  The need for an affordable progressive bifocal and here is the hard part… that meets the patient’s expectations of functioning properly. 

Other companies make less expensive progressive bifocals but they don’t work for most people.  Over my twenty-year career of being a doctor of optometry, I have seen many patients pick progressives lenses based on price and those patients tend to be unhappy with the way they see.  So after years of research, I have found a progressive that meets both the patient’s need for excellent vision and yes an affordable price.  Are there cheaper progressives? Sure. However, they will make you feel dizzy, off balance, sea sick, like a horse with blinders to the point where you stop wearing them.

Will one hundred percent of you adapt to these progressive bifocals? No but most will and for those that do not please read our guarantee.

So, that’s where the simple idea of affordable high quality progressives that actually work was born.  I know they work because I continue to use them everyday in my own private practice five days a week 52 weeks a year.  I love what I do and am excited to bring great quality lens at an affordable price to you.