Return Policy

If your frame breaks within the first year (from date of purchase) mail it back to us and we will replace it one time.   We will mail it back to you free of charge.

Our progressive lenses were selected for ease of adaptation but not everyone who has tried progressive (no-line bifocals) have adapted to them.  First wear the glasses full-time for ten days without going back and forth between old glasses.  Adaptation can take up to ten days so you don’t want to give up too quickly.  After ten days of full-time wear if you do not feel you are seeing properly out of your lenses give us a call or email us.

We will replace them with a traditional lined bifocal called a flat top 28.  These replacement lenses have a visible line but in our experience people who do not adapt to the progressive no-line bifocals generally adapt quickly to the bifocal lenses with the line.  So you will actually have two pairs of glasses each being same frame and color.  The original pair of digital progressives (with no line) and a second pair of a traditional lined bifocal.

This way you will have a new pair you feel confident seeing out of.  You get to keep the original order, so when you feel like trying the original progressives (no line) again you have them.  Try them again when you have more time to spend on the ten-day adaptation period.   Now you have the best of both worlds.

Once you have tried the second pair of bifocal glasses (this time the one with-the-line) for another ten days and you are still not happy then ship them back to us. We will refund your money minus a restocking fee of $79.  However, you must try each pair for two weeks each and you must return both pairs within 60 days of you purchase date.